Here below you can find the ASKFOOD virtual tools


Forecast Aggregator

The ASKFOOD FORECAST AGGREGATOR organizes more than 100 Open Source Scenarios and gives you a map of the Future to be. The goal of this virtual tool is to help everyone with a stake in food- and food-related skills identify shared interests, challenges, and strategies so that we can create transformative solutions for the future.


The Interactive Training Gap identifier (ITGI) is aimed to provide self-assessment tools to avoid skill mismatch, and to support personal learning and career paths for present and future food professionals

Smart Atlas

The Smart Atlas is an open repository of information & Best Practices.
With this virtual tool, you are able to share your own best practice with the world, or browse what others in the food and food-related sector are sharing and create your network.

Start Up Library

The Start Up Library is a component of a wider set of Open-Knowledge Solutions that are foreseen for new and existing startups (max 24 months from constitution) in the food sector, that will be involved in or created by the Reverse Incubation Programmes and the Garage Labs.


The ASKFOOD Digital Business and Training Ecosystem (DBTE) is an Open-Source, Co-Created Platform that supports communication and knowledge sharing and interaction among the Community of Practice (Knowledge Clusters). It indeed employs the “GO LEAN” approach to create and implement innovative solutions for businesses.

Talent Marketplace

The Talents’ Marketplace is a dedicated space for experts in the food-related sector. It supports: 1. the management of talents and matching based on competencies and needs; 2. the ideas and opportunities brokerage; 3. the innovation, pre-validation and testing through the communities of experts.

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