Innovative Training Package

This Work Package (WP) aims to innovate existing training schemes for different target groups such as: students, teachers, managers, professionals, start-up entrepreneurs and innovation brokers; as well as testing a certification scheme and common Recognition, Accreditation and Validation standards for innovative training in food-related sectors. The final aim will then ultimately lead to running pilot and selective (de)activation of training models in the partner organizations and their scaling up.

The activities and outcomes that result from the Innovative Training Package WP aim to supply innovation in training and are addressed in the development of several outcomes.

These outcomes are:

  • A portfolio of disruptive training contents, methods and tools;
  • A guide to renovate and to add value to the internal training strategy by ranking it according the 5 double “P’s” model (Plans and Patterns, Perspectives and Positioning, Ploys and Product, Promotion and People, Places and Prices-Prizes);
  • The ASKFOOD Personalized Learning Environment Framework (PLEF), needed to mashup personal learning environments in order to mix the training solutions created within the ASKFOOD Training HUB and Knowledge Clusters to the ones they belong to, and are created and controlled by individual learners.
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (AT), Gerhard Schleining