Innovative Training Package


  • To establish a Joint Platform to share, test and apply disruptive training solutions, collecting inputs, contents and contributions from academia, industry, and other key stakeholders in the food-related sectors;
  • To develop a networking training environment where stakeholders of various sectors (e.g. consortium of representatives from universities, companies and students, associated partners) to foster successful learning for students and graduates, as well as for industry staff and other stakeholders, according to their needs.

Main outcomes

  • ASKFOOD Innovative Training Hub;
  • ASKFOOD Digital Business and Training Ecosystem (DBTE), an open and co-created platform to support the aggregation and interaction among partners and the wider community of the ASKFOOD stakeholders;
  • Mobility and Talent Marketplace, a virtual permanent desk for collection of ideas and opportunities matchup.


University of Teramo (IT), Paola Pittia