Reversed Incubator


  • To connect the resources and the ideas generated in WP1 and WP2 into an innovative platform that supports the entrepreneurial generativity and new models to re-think and do business;
  • Improve industry-oriented professional skills of students, teachers and industry professionals and integrate science and technology skills into industry by investing in an open ecosystem to connect and contaminate talents, ideas and entrepreneurial initiatives to multiply the value of the entire value chain of the food-related sectors;
  • To support an industry-driven generation of innovative start-ups.

Main outcomes

  • Business Ideas generation and “Plug & Play” Approach and Garage Labs in collaboration with the ASKFOOD partners and stakeholders;
  • Virtual Incubation and Accelerated Growth Hacking Programme with the support of ASKFOOD DTBE and of the Talent and Idea Marketplace (TIM) (WP2);
  • ASKFOOD Start Up Global Events;
  • Start-Ups portfolio and Library.


Cassiopea (IT), Germana Di Falco