The Start Up Library is a component of a wider set of Open-Knowledge Solutions that are foreseen for new and existing startups (max 24 months from constitution) in the food sector, that will be involved in or created by the Reverse Incubation Programmes and the Garage Labs.

In addition, the Start Up Library relies on two core methodological approaches:

  • The FORTH methodology as a preferred method to approach an innovation journey.
  • Mediated Self-Learning (inspired by Reflective Thinking) as a way to get the contents, the skills and the attitudes that are useful to manage the different stages of business- and or innovation-design and set up

To create the Start Up library we collected 152 learning objects, listed in the following chapters, that are classified according to:

  1. The five stages of the FORTH journey
  2. The type of learning object according to these six categories:
    1. Video lessons
    2. Methodological materials
    3. Slide sets
    4. Check Lists
    5. Case Studies
    6. MOOCs