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SMART ATLAS | Deliverable 1.3

In the era of shared knowledge and knowledge sharing, there are a lot of Open Source Resources that can fit with the emerging skill needs in the food sector.

This tool was developed in the framework of the ASKFOOD Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance, a project involving 11 partners from all over Europe and coordinated by University of Teramo that explores new frontiers in generating and upscaling skills and entrepreneurial mindset in the food industry.

According to the Theory of Knowledge, Personal Knowledge is meant to refer to knowledge which has been acquired by the individual based on their own experiences, efforts and conclusions; Shared Knowledge is knowledge which is held communally, by groups which will vary in size depending on the type of knowledge being explored.

The ASKFOOD Smart Atlas is an Open Repository that capitalizes and re-uses a lot of materials that can be taken as an inspiration or as a self-training tool to increase Personal Knowledge, but it is also planned as a solution to increase Shared Knowledge and Knowledge Sharing in the Food Industry.

It’s the result of the ASKFOOD Community of Practice, a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.

This Atlas was built based on 8 different types of resources: 1) MOOC; 2) Training Centres; 3) EU Project Results; 4) Research Centres; 5) Acceleration Programmes; 6) Crowdfunding/Crowdsourcing Platforms; 7) Startups; 8) Innovation Marketplace

No comparative and/or ranking purpose was underlying the research work on which this Atlas is based. All the resources are classified also according to the principal profiles of subjects, who may be interested in them (researchers, policy makers, business professionals, etc.)

You can join us, and enrich the Atlas by providing inputs using the dedicated form.

The design of the Atlas was coordinated by CASSIOPEA.

To enter the Atlas and start browsing, just enter.

If you have good practices or resources you want to share, please fill and send the following template.