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The Reversed Incubator is an innovative methodological approach aiming at inverting the logic with which we transform ideas into new businesses and companies. It combines training with entrepreneurial opportunities and concrete ideas to generate innovation in food-related sectors.reversed incubator infographic

By the Reversed Incubator approach the design and development of new business opportunities (e.g. start-up, enterprise, company, …) begins from the needs/opportunities of innovation expressed by existing companies or enterprises. These innovation needs (or “challenges”) are then developed into ideas by talents under the supervision of mentors within a business-oriented training (using the “FORTH methodology”) and co-creation project development framework.
The Reversed Incubator promotes the creation of new business ideas by combining different players and in particular existing companies, universities, research centres and training experts, each of them with specific roles and activities to develop. Talents (e.g. bachelor and master students, PhDs, ...) under the supervision of mentors (or experts, e.g. teachers, researchers, trainers, professionals, etc.) interact with the company owners (or entrepreneurs) to implement the fixed challenge and develop the innovative solution and business idea.
Overall this methodological approach is aimed to improve the entrepreneurial and professional-oriented skills of the talents by practicing them during project development while companies can benefit from the inspiring environment to promote their innovation.
In the following pages, the steps of the Reversed Incubator are described and complemented with useful template documents which are available for download upon registration and request to the ASKFOOD board.
During the ASKFOOD project timespan (Jan 2018-June 2021), the Reversed Incubator will be piloted and developed by the project partners with initiatives implemented at national and European level.

For more information and to submit your request for registration please contact: