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There can be different types of companies within this category:

  • Private
  • Public
  • Start-Ups

They are assessed and accompanied in their innovation strategies. This is to identify the ground on which to start the talent selection. Tools have been set to support this stage.

These actors should be selected based on:

  • Reverse Innovation perception. This can be expressed as a will to innovate and to invest in open innovation, joined with a consciousness of not having enough of internal resources like; time, competences, and organisational models to man innovation internally
  • Company size and maturity
  • Ability to react and to cooperate with the ASKFOOD Project
  • Potential role as multiplier agent/ambassador of the project and of the Reverse Incubation Approach (i.e. being: part of a cluster; a promoter of an Open Innovation Challenge; a member of an EU or international Network or Alliance)
  • Ability to have the internal resources and expertise needed to integrate this approach

Companies should also be ready to provide:

  • Some financial resources
  • Knowledge of the market
  • Presence in distribution channels