Gamification Academy

Gamification is a new field of educational activities, but games are ancient. The general term of “gamification” corresponds to the application of game mechanics in a “non-game environment” in order to enhance or change behaviour of learners with the main aim to increase motivation, engagement, and enjoyment in completing assignments. Gamification focuses on behavioral approaches and reward design. The learners are given “missions” instead of assignments, allowing them to “level up” as they progress through grade points usually using a flexible approach contrary to typical student learning. Gamification is a technique for motivation, so it ties very directly into psychology. Learners receive rapid feedback, a feature familiar from video games and apps.

The ASKFOOD Gamification Academy (ASKFOOD GA) is tool made of a collection of training material for academic, business and industry parties interested to incorporate gamification training approaches in various food science and technology topics. In the ASKFOOD GA training events on gamification will be organized; interested learners and trainers also will find information (e.g. links, reports from events occurred in the past and/or organized by other organisations, as well as a library of selected validated information in the field of gamification in science and technology tertiary and professional education.

By the ASKFOOD GA we intend to promote the adaptation of gamification to food- and food-related programs and modules as well as training courses in both academic and non-academic environments.