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Paola Pittia
ISEKI-Food Association
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ISEKI-Food e-news - Issue 34
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Monday, June 1, 2020
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The ASKFOOD project, an ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance project
(, has various objectives that revolve around innovation.
Among these is the creation of digital or "virtual tools" to encourage,
improve and modernize training and education methodologies in the world
of food technologies and adjacent fields. In view of this project, ASKFOOD
has developed a virtual tool named Smart Atlas, which is built on a series
of resources (MOOCs, research centers, results of European projects, training centers, acceleration
programs, crowdfunding, startups and innovation marketplaces that act as a platform for the
exchange of innovation).
The tool is useful for sharing your best practice or products, or to browse what others in the food
and food-related sector are sharing and create your network.
The Smart Atlas operates at an EU and International level, and information is available for operators
or interested persons with the aim of promoting, mapping and tracing every initiative and good
practice that operates towards innovation.
To enter and navigate the Smart Atlas, follow the link:
Any person, institution, organization or association willing to contribute their good practices or
initiatives in the Smart Atlas can do so by following the link:

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