12th May 2021

● 9:00 am - 1:00 pm (CEST)

● Platform: Zoom

Digital Game-Based Learning in The Agri-food Training

In this webinar, the expert will discuss the opportunities and threats of simulation game design technologies, using and analyzing some case studies. Simulation gaming is present in the digital space for quite some time. However, the evidence of the effectiveness of DGBL with the usage of the different technologies is still sketchy. The rise of the pandemic speeded up the process of digitalization of many games with different results. The expert will focus on learning models, complexity design, validity and testing, and delivery of simulation games in digital spaces. He will also address learning effectiveness and future technology for DGBL, including the evolution of digital gaming space and VR and AR simulation gaming.



Marci Wardaszko


Marci Wardaszko
Head of the Department of Quantitative Methods & Information Technology at Kozminski University and Adjunct Professor at University of Applied Science Vorarlberg. Collaborating Partner at HCD Learning Ltd, Shanghai, China. Since 2003 trainer and developer of simulation games and gamification systems for education, business and consulting. Author of many publication on games based learning and serious game design. Passionate game designer, author and co-author around 60 scientific publications. Fellow at ABSEL and President of ISAGA (2019-2020) and Member of SAGSAGA. Laureate of the CEEMAN 2019 Champion in Teaching Award for innovative VR game-based learning program.