Open Symposium

The Open Symposium is a unique opportunity to gather insights and best practices on how to manage complementarities among programmes and funds when it comes to integrated investiment on training and future skills in the food sector and food-related sectors. The Erasmus + ASKFOOD Knowledge Alliance will coordinate an interactive dialogue among different levels of policy makers (EU, National, Regional) and responsibles of the main programmes that address future skills for the future of food (DG Research, EACEA, DG AGRI, DG Environment, MAs of Regional Operational Programmes and ETC Programmes). 

Moderator: Germana Di Falco, Expert DPCoe PCM (Prime Minister Office for Cohesion Policies and Symergies among Funds)

15:00 - 15:10      Welcome and Opening
Germana Di Falco
Ass. Nicola Caputo, Campania Region

15:10      Food for Thoughts: The european focus on future skills in the Food sector
FoodDrink Europe

15:20      Discussion
Regional Assessors from Campania, Marche, Umbria, Veneto, Toscana, Puglia

16:00      Food for Thoughts: The evidence and the suggestions from the ASKFOOD Knowledge Alliance
Paola Pittia, ASKFOOD

16:10      Discussion
MAs ERDF, ESF, EARDF from different Italian Regions (Campania, Abruzzo, Sicily and Basilicata)

16:40      Food for Thoughts: Complementarities and Synergies for strategic cooperation between IGJ Programmes, Horizon Europe, LIFE and Erasmus+

17:30      Discussion
Magda De Carli, DG Research
Lucia Giannini, EACEA
Ivano Magazzù, DG Regio/INTERACT
Angelo Salsi, DG Environment, LIFE Programme PO
Pasquale Di Rubbo, DG Agri, Responsible for the Farm To Fork Initiatiative



Virtual & On site (Naples)
Thursday, June 24, 2021