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Paola Pittia
ISEKI-Food Association
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ISEKI-Food e-News - Issue 34
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Monday, June 1, 2020
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ASKFOOD is an ERASMUS+ Knowledge Alliance project (
aimed to create a permanent knowledge alliance between businesses and
Higher Education Institutions in the food-related sectors and a new
«educational» eco-system for innovation and sustainability of the food
system. Within the project, activities aimed to evaluate the status of
innovative teaching methodologies and implement new teaching
methodologies to develop entrepreneurial skills and competences in students of food-related study
programs have been planned and some are currently under testing.
The general name “Garage” and related declinations (“Garage entrepreneur”, “Start-Up Garage”,
“Garage Lab”) refers to a series of training programs and approaches aimed at students who want to
develop their entrepreneurial skills in an interactive and guided environment (in general, within
academia or related incubators or spin-offs). In some countries, they could have other names like the
Startup Sauna (Finland), StartHub (Wageningen Uni. & Res) and Contamination Labs (Italy). A “Garage”
is, in general, a community and physical space for students interested in entrepreneurship to
experience first-hand the grit and resilience it takes to start and grow a company. By the guidance of
teachers or mentors, students learn skills like co-creation, leadership, networking, and building a
team, and get a “hands-on” experience from formulating a business idea up to creating a first pitch.
The ASKFOOD project is launching a survey at the EU and international level to collect information
on existing university “Garage” lab experiences, evaluate communalities in the methodologies,
applied best practices and assessment tools. Results will be used to compare the experiences with
other innovative entrepreneurial training methodologies currently under piloting in the ASKFOOD
The link to the survey is :
Other info about the “Garage” labs methodological approach is available at:
For more information about the ASKFOOD project and activities, please contact the Scientific
Coordinator of the project, Professor Paola Pittia of the University of Teramo at (
Deadline to fill in the survey: 5 July 2020

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