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Food Research

food research

In general Research, technology and innovation are the driving forces for a sustainable increase in the performance and competitive potential of a society.


When these concepts are applied to the food, there is an increased relevance as the outcomes may impact the everyday life, health and wellbeing of mankind. Research is carried out by universities, research centers and institutes, public health organizations, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).


Food research makes an important contribution to solving social challenges emerging from the evolving scenarios like food security, climate changes, societal issues, globalization and economic crisis, as well as any other unforeseen event that could impact the food production. At industrial level food research promotes innovation, ensures competitiveness, economic growth and jobs.


To undertake a career as Food scientists or researchers an academic level knowledge of the specific food-related discipline (e.g. microbiology, processing, chemistry, quality, analysis, etc.) along with the related tools and more advanced methodologies to develop the related investigations is required. A Responsible Research and Innovation requires an ethical behavior in carrying out this profession.


The understanding the future scenarios and trends of the food sector along with the impact of the research results in our society is of utmost importance.