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Interactive Training Gap identifier | Other food-related professions

Other food-related professions

The food and food-related sector is increasingly defining new professions and offering new opportunities of jobs and roles due to the changes in the society, the advancements of the science and technology, but the growing cross- and trans-sectorial interactions.


New food-related professions may originate also from the mix of the expertise in the food disciplines and that of other existing other professions (i.e. food manufacturing & food preparation). The Higher Education degree in food, food-related studies or in other disciplines not always is required. The expertise for these new professions need complementary knowledge, skills and competences in other disciplines.


For some new professions of the Doctoral degree and expertise could be an awarding certification along with knowledge and competences that could facilitate either to find jobs in academia, research centers and organisations, or work as independent temporary consultant in the field