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Interactive Training Gap identifier | Food Service

Food Service

food service

Food service or catering industry includes those companies, businesses, and institutions responsible for meal preparation outside the home.


This manufacturing sector includes catering and meal preparation companies, restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, catering operations, and many other formats.


The majority of the practitioners and workers in this sector have a professional and technical qualifications or diplomas (secondary school, professional …) or have vocational education and training certificates (e.g. food handling), with primary roles in food and dish preparation (e.g. chefs, cooks), set up and mantainance of food service dedicated areas, stock supply inventory.


However, this sector is representing a increasing job market place also for Higher Education undergraduates and graduates in food and food-related disciplines (e.g. Gastronomy) that can find roles and positions in the Quality Control and Assurance, in supply and distribution, or in the development of new dishes and prepared foods based on the new regulations and nutritional guidelines.