ASKFOOD Digital Business and Training Ecosystem (DBTE) is an Open-Source, Co-created Platform that collects training pills and contents to support the operativity of the ASKFOOD Innovative Training Hub as Accelerator of an ecosystem (both virtual and digital) of members, partners and key stakeholders, who will invest in training solutions for the food industry as well as those in food-related sectors to boost their innovation. The DBTE allows also the interplay and collaboration of professionals, enterprises and talents though the dedicated “Talents marketplace”.

The ASKFOOD DBTE has been designed and developed within the Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance ASKFOOD (Alliance for Skills and Knowledge to Widen Food Sector-related Open Innovation, Optimization and Development) coordinated by the University of Teramo (Italy) with a consortium made of 6 European universities, 2 Research and consulting companies, 3 Food industry associations and 1 Non-profit organization.

The ASKFOOD project (January 2018- June 2021) aims to:
- create a permanent knowledge alliance between businesses and HEIs in the food- related sectors,
- upgrade and modernize training and educational methodologies,
- leverage innovation and entrepreneurial mindset of the future generation of HE graduates
- improve the academia-industry and stakeholders interplay in a Quintuple Helix innovation model at EU and international level.

The ASKFOOD DBTE has been designed by Cassiopea (Italy) and developed in collaboration with the University of Teramo

Website: www.askfood.eu
Project coordinator: University of Teramo (Italy), prof. Paola Pittia (ppittia@unite.it)