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Why this tool

Knowledge has to be future-oriented and future-driven in order to successfully support strategic decisions.

ASKFOOD is an ERASMUS + Knowledge Alliance aimed at creating innovative knowledge that can help food industry in addressing in a pro-active way skill shortage and skill gaps in the sector. The project involves 11 partners from all over Europe and is coordinated by the University of Teramo

A skill gap is defined as a deficiency or weaknesses in the current skills and capabilities of the current workforce of a particular employer or employment sector.

A skill shortage is defined as hard-to-fill vacancies and therefore a mis-match between employer recruitment need and the availability of people with the required skills.

The Forecast Aggregator combines Open Sources Scenarios and Signals to evoke trends that will affect skills in the near future.

These tools will feed discussions and hints about the anticipation of the skill needs in Food and Food-related industries, thus implementing a “systematic, future intelligence-gathering and medium to long-term vision-building process aimed at identifying opportunities and areas of vulnerability to assist present-day decision-making”

The Forecast Aggregator has been designed and delivered by the partner CASSIOPEA.